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The Curated Image

Lately there has been a backlash against yoga instructors who pose themselves in inhumanly strong/flexible poses. The outrage is due to the perceived notion that they make everything look effortless – as if they were born with the ability to put their feet behind their head. (Well, that is technically true for most of us – don’t you see babies with their feet in their mouths like it’s nothing?) Some feel that it sets up unrealistic expectations for what people can actually do from yoga, plus it glamorizes these asanas in a commercial way without understanding the foundation.

People these days take offense to too much.

Personally, when I see them, I think it’s great. I know that I can’t do most of those things (yet) and it probably isn’t within reach for some time, but I can try. I also know that while, yes, some people are genetically gifted with mobile joints and superman strength, these people still had to work to where they get and they just want to share a brief moment of their success. Let us live vicariously through their accomplishments and not berate them for what they do.

For those just starting out in yoga, as long as you come in knowing that you are probably starting somewhere near ground zero, that the road ahead won’t be easy, and that you’re going to fall a lot, then also come in knowing that you’re also taking a first step towards body awareness, possibly building strength and flexibility, and maybe making a friend or two.

[Sitting in my draft folder since 12/5/2015.]

Photo taken at Aerial Artique doing Aerial Silks. Backbends don’t come naturally to me at all. I have a pretty weak back so active backbends have been challenging for me. It took some time to learn how to do them correctly and now I can backbends without feeling like I’m just smashing my vertebrae together.


I used to try and resist the change that occurred around me. When close friends left and moved, I could not comprehend how life would go on (yes, I was pretty melodramatic.) When life changes happened (graduation, work changes, relationship changes, my mother’s death, etc.) I struggled with the transitions.

I have come to realize that everything in life is in constant flux. So long as the flux is trending upwards, you’ll be fine. I see life like the stock market. This is the Dow Jones for as long as Google Finance could track it:

CaptureNothing but ups and downs. A lot of major setbacks, but a lot of major rises.

This month, three of my closest friends at yoga have moved out of the area for school, work or life changes. A part of me is a little sad that they’re gone since I am used to seeing them on an almost daily basis, but I know it’s not the end of the world.

This month I am getting married. I’ve dealt with other family changes [see my sister’s blog] and it’s made our sistership better.

Speaking of change, my teaching schedule will change altogether. Still playing around with what works best. Will update schedule page when it’s settled.

Move with the change.

Yoga Tapas (not tasty like the Spanish kind.)

Yoga Tapas (not tasty like the Spanish kind.)

This is relevant to my last article. Sometimes you have to fall and make mistakes. You can’t baby yourself forever. 

Hip openers have always been uncomfortable from me (shortened hip flexors from years of sitting, tightness from years of running.) Nowadays, it can go both ways – sometimes it’s a relief on my hips, sometimes I feel like my hips feel locked into permanent stiffness. Someday I hope it will be more of the former than the latter.

2012 in Review

Tried new things, visited new places, made new friends. Got outside of my comfort zone. Went through many uncomfortable situations, came out for the better.

Traveled to 6 countries on 3 continents {Spain, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Argentina}, {Yosemite, Mammoth Lakes, Death Valley, Mojave Desert, Las Vegas, Chicago}

Ate at Andre’s, Picasso, Manresa, Sante… plus all the street food from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Argentina!

Became a yoga teacher.

This year, I won’t stop living.


Weather Headache

Does anyone else get headaches when it’s about to rain? I get headaches that can get so strong that they border on migraine intensity. Yoga helps, but it isn’t perfect.

Weather changes also seems to jerk around my moods. Not sure what to do about it.

Self Doubt

Believe it or  not, I am riddled with self-doubt every time I teach. I’ve heard that it never goes away. You are your hardest critic. I always wonder, did they think it was challenging enough or too challenging? Are they relaxed? Did they like the playlist? Fear, doubt, worries, anxiety.

Not really sure how to remedy it.

I guess as long as I try my best, and my intent is good, they will be back. I will teach more terrible classes in the future. But hopefully the students will forgive me, give me another chance, and be blown away by the next.

Work/Life/Yoga Balance

I’m getting a little scatterbrained because I have to do too much. Too much.

I don’t think that humans were meant to run themselves into the ground. Aren’t we supposed to take a break? Even when we take breaks, it’s still doing a lot – siteseeing on vacations, running from plane to plane, high-adrenaline fist-pumping adventures.

I’m learning to say no. I’m learning to say stop. As much as I enjoy teaching, I need time for my own practice. There’s nothing wrong with being “selfish” because in actuality, I’m just listening to what would make me not only feel better, but be better.

I want to spend more time with my dogs. I want to be a better employee at my other job. I want more time to sit down, write and reflect. I want time to breathe.

September 2012 Schedule

Regular classes:
Wednesday 5-6PM            Xplore Yoga              Heated Power Flow
Friday 6:15PM-7:15PM       Xplore Yoga              Rock & Flow
Saturday 10:30AM-11:45AM   Yoga Source Los Gatos    Foundations of Flow (Assistant)
Sunday 9AM-10:30AM         Just Breathe Rivermark   Heated Vinyasa Flow

9/6 5:30PM-6:45PM          Yoga Spring Studio       Core Flow 
9/10 6:15PM-7:45PM         Xplore Yoga              Heated Power Flow   
I will be out 9/28-10/7

August 2012 Schedule

Regular classes:
Wednesday 5-6PM            Xplore Yoga              Heated Power Flow
Friday 6:15PM-7:15PM       Xplore Yoga              Rock & Flow
Saturday 10:30AM-11:45AM   Yoga Source Los Gatos    Foundations of Flow (Assistant)
Sunday 9AM-10:30AM         Just Breathe Rivermark   Heated Vinyasa Flow

Monday 8/13 7:30-9PM        Yoga @ Cindy's           Heated Power Flow
Monday 8/27 7:15-8:45PM     Just Breathe Rivermark   Heated Vinyasa Flow
Tuesday 8/28 8:15-9:45PM    Yoga @ Cindy's           Heated Vinyasa Flow

I will be out August 17-August 22

Flaxseed oil


I’ve had eczema since I was a kid. It was so bad at one point that I was actually sent home in the middle of the day because they thought the rash that had enveloped the entire backside of my legs might be contagious. (Eczema is not contagious, by the way.)

I still get eczema and I’ve developed a bit of psoriasis on my elbows as well (thanks for the genes dad…)

In some ways, dry skin is a blessing – I get like one pimple a year. On the flip side, my skin can be so dry that it cracks, gets irritated, gets itchy, gets flaky, etc.

Not only is my skin dry, but my eyes are dry as well. I keep switching to the latest and greatest contact lenses for dry eyes (have been using Biofinity for the last year.) Today, my optometrist tells me that my eyes are so dry and they have become irritated by my lenses to the point that I have ulcerations on my cornea.

Excellent… (Not.)

I asked her what I should do to fix it and she recommended that I start taking Omega 3 vitamins.
Omega 3 vitamins are also what is recommended for eczema/psoriasis.

I hopped over to the Target across the street from my office to fill my prescription eye drops for my eye infection/ulceration. Why not get some flaxseed oil? Sure, why not.

I went back to my desk at work and swallowed the pills, not expecting much since this was day 1, hour zero.

I don’t know if it’s placebo or not, but within a few hours, I could feel my skin feel a lot less dry. The corners of my mouth feel less cracked. My elbows look less inflamed and the back of my thighs no longer itched like there was no tomorrow. A few more hours passed and my elbows have almost cleared up completely and the progress on the back of my legs is jaw-dropping. I had spent the last few weeks rubbing lotion feverishly into my legs to try and calm down the red, itchy mess. All I had to do was take some flaxseed oil capsules!

One note though, I think I took too much flaxseed and now my stomach isn’t completely happy with me… I hear it will go away in time. Until then, I think I need to scale back how much I take.