Most of the things on this page are just my thoughts… and some thoughts that may have been influenced by others.

For any discussions over asana and how to work through getting into and out of poses, I am speaking from experience with my body, my practice, my exposure and my teachers. Some things I say may resonate with you and a great many may not. A lot of the advice might seem about 5 years too early for you or 5 months too late.

Take any advice doled out with a grain of salt. If a teacher can’t explain why you MUST do some things a certain way, then keep questioning others until someone can explain why. I, personally, have had my downward facing dog adjusted by numerous “master” teachers and they all came with extremely different adjustments as to what is “right” or “optimal.” The advice that stuck with me the most came from Bryan Kest, the father of power yoga. He said that we shouldn’t obsess over alignment and pushing our physical bodies past reasonable limitations – even some misguided alignment is okay as long as you are gentle with yourself. So be gentle, play around, figure out what works and do what seems right for you. Try not to break anything on the way there. 🙂

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