Being Self Aware

I have fallen out of touch with myself in some ways. I haven’t taken care of my body.

Now, I’m going to talk about diet, but not in the eating disordered fashion. I’ll be talking about it and how it relates to me.

Diabetes runs in my family. (Pretty much anyone over the age of 45 on my mom’s side has it.) I eat an obscene amount of sugar, have hypoglycemic crashes and feel cranky all the time. I really need to stop eating really processed sugar. I am addicted. I am going to quit cold turkey.

A few weeks ago, I ended up in the ER with the worst stomach pain in my life – worse than any period cramp that I can remember. (Plus, it’s much worse since I didn’t know what it was and it wasn’t my period.) Doctors couldn’t find what was wrong with me because I showed no sign of infection and my blood levels were fantastic. I was sent home with a prescription for ibuprofen and some super powerful narcotics. I spent the next few days drinking chicken broth and jello (on a doctor prescribed diet.) I also spent time camped out near the toilet. Not fun.

So the lesson in all this is: eat better. Stop eating sugar and stop tempting fate. Stop messing with my digestive health.

3 thoughts on “Being Self Aware”

  1. Great to hear; getting rid of refined sugars and carbs, has helped my severe skin problems become almost non-existent:)

  2. There’s no chance you may have gallstones is there? Over the past year or so I’ve lost a lot of weight, and now from that weight loss my gallbladder is filled with small stones (like great, that’s what I get for taking care of myself). If I eat too much fat, I get intense pain in my right upper abdomen that’s lasted as long as 2 days. It’s horrible.

    1. I had pain on the left side, which is why they didn’t suspect my gallbladder or appendix. I think it was some sort of intense digestive issue.

      I actually need more fat in my diet, if anything. (Healthy fats, of course…. such as flaxseed oil, fish, olives, etc.)

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