Body proportions


While prepping for handstands at Wayne’s class this Monday, I noticed that Gabby has much longer legs than me.

I would like to point out that I am about 2″ taller than her, but my legs were 2″ or so shorter than her. My torso makes up for the height difference.

My torso is also taller than Wayne’s, and he’s probably 4″ taller than me.

Body proportions do affect certain capabilities in yoga – I can touch my toes to my forehead with my legs straight in front of me because of my long torso. Others with shorter torsos may never do it. It doesn’t make them any less flexible than I.

So sometimes there are good excuses as to why we can and cannot do certain things. Don’t beat yourself up.

2 thoughts on “Body proportions”

    1. Jump throughs are actually a lot more about core strength – I know people with “short arms” who eventually figured it out. It is harder since you have to curl your body more, but it’s possible. Good luck!

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