I used to try and resist the change that occurred around me. When close friends left and moved, I could not comprehend how life would go on (yes, I was pretty melodramatic.) When life changes happened (graduation, work changes, relationship changes, my mother’s death, etc.) I struggled with the transitions.

I have come to realize that everything in life is in constant flux. So long as the flux is trending upwards, you’ll be fine. I see life like the stock market. This is the Dow Jones for as long as Google Finance could track it:

CaptureNothing but ups and downs. A lot of major setbacks, but a lot of major rises.

This month, three of my closest friends at yoga have moved out of the area for school, work or life changes. A part of me is a little sad that they’re gone since I am used to seeing them on an almost daily basis, but I know it’s not the end of the world.

This month I am getting married. I’ve dealt with other family changes [see my sister’s blog] and it’s made our sistership better.

Speaking of change, my teaching schedule will change altogether. Still playing around with what works best. Will update schedule page when it’s settled.

Move with the change.