Coconut Water

Coconut water ranking based on taste.

(This is not scientific and based solely on my personal preference.)
1. Taste Nirvana. My friend Samira just introduced this to me. It is Uh-May-Zing. It doesn’t have that weird sour taste that seems to be common in a lot of coconut waters… I think it may have to do with the lack of vitamin C additive?

2. O.N.E. I like the ones with a splash of guava flavor. I do not like the the mango ones. I will tolerate the plain one if they are out of guava.

3. Zico in a tetra pak. (Not in a plastic bottle.) The tetra pan ones are sweet. The plastic bottle-ones are unnatural tasting.

4. Vita Coco. Tolerable but has a slightly rotten taste. This was the first coconut water that I ever tried and I thought it was okay until I had the ones listed above.

5. Naked. This was really hard to drink. I would never consider buying this again. Ever.

Of course nothing beats a real coconut. I got some delicious coconut goodness when I was in southeast Asia last month. Real coconuts are not sour, rotten or moldy tasting. They’re refreshing with a hint of sweet.