Loving-Kindness Meditation

In Buddhism, there is the practice of loving-kindness meditation. In lieu of trying to attain the perfect meditation for yourself, you instead focus on positive thoughts towards others and build feelings of friendliness and altruism.

Now, I know thinking positive vibes to the world doesn’t seem like it can do a whole lot. How could wishing happiness for others really make it come true? I’m not wholly sure myself, but I think that people are more motivated by external stimulus. For some people, it’s God and the afterlife. I am not religious, so does this mean I’m screwed? Not quite. For me, I do yoga so that I can focus and be calm. I am normally an erratic, hot-tempered person. I still am. Doesn’t mean that I can’t try to be better. I try to be better so that Fernando (my fiance) can enjoy my happiness. I am trying to be more even tempered because I don’t want me future kids to have to deal with a chaotic environment.

Altruism drives are more motivating. I used to do yoga for myself – because I want to get better at a pose. I want to put my foot over my head. I want to do a handstand. Me me me. Now, I am motivated to try different teachers, different styles and branch out – not because I want to be better for myself, but because I want to be a better teacher.

Does this make sense?