Power Yoga vs. Vinyasa Yoga

I’ve pondered this question many many times. Generally, I have heard that power classes are harder the vinyasa.

I’ve taken some very difficult vinyasa classes where I came out drenched in sweat. I’ve taken easy power classes where I’ve felt good enough to take another class right afterwards.

So what’s the difference?

Well, when I teach a power class, I make it slightly more cardio oriented. There are a lot more mini-vinis, stretching holds aren’t as long, but strength and energizing poses are emphasized. There is also a little more focus on core and upper body.

For vinyasa, expect a little more hippy-love. I’ll admit I’m not as good with the vinyasa dialogue as I could be, but I’m working on it. Vinyasa is more breath and mind-focused, and a lot more meditative overall. Greater emphasis is placed on slow steady movements and slow steady breathing.

Of course, I could be totally wrong, but this is just my interpretation… and this is what you can expect from my classes! Expect a little butt-kicking either way.