Teachers Aren’t Showing Off – They Just Want to Inspire You.

I used to think that some of my teachers were showing off by putting their feet behind their head, doing handstands or some crazy arm balance. At some point, I realized it’s because they want to show that it is humanly possible to do it. Sometimes they push you a little more because they know you’re being complacent in an easier modification.

I definitely know this now because when I try to teach arm balances and inversions, I want the students to TRY and HAVE FUN with something totally crazy. I want them to realize it’s okay to fall on their face, roll over or look totally goofy and stupid in the meantime. I wasn’t born doing Bakasana (crow.) The first time I actually tried it, I held it for 1/10th of a second – and what a glorious 1/10th of a second it was.

Now I feel like I can hold it forever AND I can jump back to chaturonga. 

Just try.