How do you read a book? That probably seems like a silly question. You read the beginning, middle and then the end. Right? I have this bad habit of reading things out of order because I am impatient and cannot deal with the uncertainty of not knowing. I read the beginning, the end, and if the book is compelling enough, the middle.

Here’s a big not-so-secret: I know how your story ends. I know how every story ends. Here it is: we’re going to die (unless Silicon Valley somehow manages to upload our consciousness into the cloud and we can all live in perpetuity… Feeling like a luddite. Back to the topic at hand.)

How would you live your life even if you knew the ending? Knowing that in the end, we end up being recycled back into the earth one way or another Рdoes it liberate you or does it scare you? Are you ready to write the middle?